package takeover: patience
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Daniel Cartwright
2018-10-26 17:50:55 UTC
I have an interest in the `patience` package (
http://hackage.haskell.org/package/patience) and have sent an email some
2.5 weeks ago, to the current maintainer with regards to taking over
responsibility of the package. I am following package takeover procedures
by posting here, and stating my intentions publicly.


Daniel Cartwright <***@gmail.com>
Mon, Oct 1, 2:07 PM
to mcallister.keegan
Hi, I am emailing you about the patience library, of which you appear to be
a maintainer. There is no issue tracker available for this library for some
reason, so i am emailing you directly instead. Could you edit the package
so that it compiles with the newest containers? If you put up the code
somewhere it's possible I could make the change myself.




Daniel Cartwright <***@gmail.com>
Mon, Oct 8, 5:29 AM
to Keegan
Hello, I would like to take over maintenance responsibility of patience. If
you could give me hackage permissions for the package, that would be much
appreciated. You can do this in one of two ways:

1. From the package maintainer group page on hackage:

Follow the "edit" link and add my username, "chessai", to the group.


2. You can email the hackage administrators (***@hackage.haskell.org),
saying you want "chessai" to take over the package, or at least want me to
be allowed to upload new version.

Thank you for your time!