Hello Dear
(too old to reply)
Rita George
2018-09-03 22:51:24 UTC
Hello Dear,

Compliment of the week,

It took a lot of time to finally find you.

I know you will be surprised by receiving this letter from me today, Meanwhile I am Ms. Rita George; I work with a Bank, This letter is highly privileged, and it requires your immediate attention.

You are receiving this letter because your family name connected to a deceased client Eng. Michael who was a national of your country.

Eng. Michael was involved in a Plane clash with the wife and Three children in 2003. Eng. Michael had a fixed-term Deposit with our bank which worth 4.7million Pounds. Since the event of the Clash, none of his extended family has been located for the claim of this money. There is urgent need to present a beneficiary to the bank for the claim of the inheritance. The bank notified recent to their decision to declare the inheritance to the government as their only option since there is no available kin of the deceased to inherit the money.

Given to your nationality with Eng. Michael ,I want to present you to the bank as the beneficiary for the inheritance.

Forward me your full contact details to enable me call you on phone for more details, I will offer you 50% of the total funds once the money is transferred into your account OK.

I look forward to your immediate response.

Kind Regards,
Mrs. Rita George